What is Azure Lighthouse

Working at an MSP / CSP have taught me many things. Mainly that keeping track of credentials is a bitch. I jest, but not really. Some features of the partner dashboard that Microsoft provides makes it easier, lets you jump into a customers tenant but it’s flawed. You would have to go through the Partner Dashboard, find the customer and then select a link to whatever service you want to manage. Microsoft realized that it’s a struggle and have created Azure Lighthouse, a cross-customer management solution. The service itself is free, but if you use other services with it you have to pay for those, obviously.

What you get in Azure Lighthouse <figcaption>What you get in Azure Lighthouse</figcaption></figure>

With Azure Lighthouse, any management service provider will be able to have one view of their entire customer base. Monitoring, compliance and security, all in one portal. This makes working with customers so much better, and eventually, make the experience better for end users.

I recommend reading up on the service on the Azure Lighthouse product page, but also take a look at this demonstration video.

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